Sale Deed

What is a Sale Deed?

A sale deed is basically a legal document that enables the owner or seller of the property to transfer the rights of the property in the name of the buyer. Register the property at the local sub-registrar office once the seller draws the sale deed draft. In several cases, people often ask if it is mandatory to get a sale deed registered. Yes, it is very critical to get the sale deed registered. Until a sale deed is not registered, the buyer can not become the rightful owner of the property in the context of the law.

The seller is the vendor in the sale deed, and the buyer is the vendee. The meaning of sale deed in Hindi is Bikrinama or Bainama paper. Similarly, the sale deed meaning in Marathi is Vikri Karara. Also, in some cases, people sometimes refer to the sale deed as the title deed. However, there is a difference between a sale deed and a title deed in a legal context.

Further, at the time of the creation of the sale deed, various components are to be taken care of. Along with the elements, the sale deed must include several clauses per the Transfer of Property Act.

A sale deed includes everything from the obligations and rights of both parties to the property’s details. At the time of creating the sale deed, write the sale deed draft first. Afterwards, as per the requirement of the buyer and seller, a few clauses can be added or removed from the sale deed draft to finalize it. Once the sale deed draft is completed and signed by the parties, register the sale deed in the buyer’s name upon its finalization.

Documents required at the time of creating the sale deed draft include building plan, allotment letter by the builder, recent tax receipts, recent utility bills (electricity), power of attorney (if applicable), title documents, and in case of resale of property all previously registered agreements.

At the time of registration of the sale deed, the buyer must pay the stamp duty required. Presently, the charges on stamp duty vary from 4 to 6 per cent on the property’s sale value. Different states levy different amounts of stamp duty on properties.