Indivisual Incometax Filling

What is Income Tax?

Income tax is a tax charged on the annual income earned by an individual. The amount of tax paid will depend on how much money you earn as income over a financial year. One can proceed with Income tax payment, TDS/TCS payment, and Non-TDS/TCS payments online. All taxpayers must fill in the relevant details to make these payments. The entire process becomes simple and quick.

Who Should Pay Income Tax?

It is mandatory to file ITR for individuals If the gross total income is over Rs.3,00,000 in a financial year (Including standard deduction). This limit exceeds Rs.3,00,000 for senior citizens and Rs.5,00,000 for super senior citizens. The entities listed below are required to pay taxes and file their income tax returns.

  1. Artificial Judicial Persons
  2. Corporate firms
  3. Association of Persons (AOPs)
  4. Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)
  5. Companies
  6. Local Authorities
  7. Body of Individuals (BOIs)

Taxpayers and Income Tax Slab Rates

In the Union Budget 2023, the Finance Minister of India announced a new income tax slab. However, the new income tax regime is optional, and individuals can either opt for the new regime or file their taxes as per the old regime.